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A Clean, Well-lighted Place:  How Less Clutter Can Reduce Stress.

....for those who are simply disorganized, yet feeling stressed by it, the following discussion may prove illuminating — because we all, as Hemingway said, long for “a clean, well-lighted place.” To learn ways we can get there, without letting the very effort overwhelm us,...."  Read more....

"New Year's resolutions that connect with the 'ideal self' are most effective,...."

"Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal says when people resolve to change, they immediately feel more confident, in control and hopeful. New Year's resolutions are a chance to create the type of life one ultimately seeks...."  Read more....

Cultural neuroscience gives insight into "Culture Factors into why we like or dislike people...."

"Culture may play a key role in whether people "like" or "don't like" others...." Read more....

Study aims to help older Americans lead more purposeful lives.

"What inspires certain people to be community minded later in life?" Read More...

Meaningfulness Cultivates Well-Being Over Time.

"...While meaningful choices are often not pleasurable to make, they are commonly associated with a greater sense of well-being in the long run."  Read More...

Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Increased Suicide Risk in Older Adults.

 We know that poor sleep is related to a number of health problems, in general, but this new research shows it is also related to increased incidence of suicide in seniors. Read More...

Stanford study finds walking improves creativity.

We know that walking is good for health, in general, but this new research shows it also significantly improves creativity. Read More...

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