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The American Academy of Clinical Psychology is an organization of Professional Psychologists who have joined together to promote high quality services and advanced standards of practice, through encouraging ethical and science based practice.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Board of Directors of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology recognizes the inherent value of all people. We condemn the Russian government's aggression toward Ukraine and its people in the strongest terms. We know that violence between peoples harms all of the participants physically and mentally. Violence on such a scale leaves devastating emotional consequences that can progress into future generations planting the seeds for future strife. As Psychologists, we are healers seeking to establish and promote a culture of peace in all places. We remain hopeful for a speedy and mutually agreeable end to this violence and a return to decorum and reason.

Help Ukrainians in their struggle for independence. The Board of Directors have gathered the following resources for our membership and others to make a contribution and do something more meaningful for suffering people. Please consider helping the Ukrainian people in whatever form you can. Women and children are in dire need of food, medicine, and other essentials. Usually the easiest and most efficient method for sending your assistance and care would be through financial contributions as these are easily transferred and can be converted into any needed resource.

Here are some links to some reliable resources for relief agencies who are active in the area.

The Board of Directors of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology fervently hopes for peace in all places of the world. Please do all you can to help ease the suffering of millions of innocents.


The American also offers resources to the general public a resource to for additional research on mental health and to provide a professional directory for additional assistance

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The Academy was founded in 1993 in response to needs for a membership organization for psychologists who have earned Board Certification in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Clinical Psychology (ABCP), which is a member board of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). ABPP is the organization recognized by the profession of psychology as the grantor of Board Certification in specialty areas of applied psychology.

In 2018, our organization, the American Academy of Clinical Psychology became independent of the umbrella of the American Board of Professional Psychology in order to build a broader more independent membership organization with a focus on the promotion of excellence in clinical psychology.


In cooperation with Professional Resource Press and with TZK Seminars we are delighted to offer a 20% discount to our Members and Fellows for APA approved Webinars. Click Here for the promo code for your discount.

TZK Seminars & Professional Resource Press  are approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Resource Press and TZK Seminars maintain responsibility for their programs and their content. 

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The American Academy of Clinical Psychology is an independent membership association that encourages and promotes the development of excellence in the practice of Professional Psychology. The Academy is not affiliated with any other organization including the American Board of Professional Psychology.

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