American Academy of Clinical Psychology

Recognizing and Promoting Advanced Competence within the Specialty of Clinical Psychology

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Mission Statement of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology

• To recognize and promote advanced competence within the specialty of Clinical Psychology

• To provide a professional community that encourages communication between and among Fellows of the Academy

• To provide opportunities for advanced education in clinical psychology

• To expand awareness and availability of board certified clinical psychologists to the public through promotional and educational activities

• To work collaboratively with the American Board of Clinical Psychology


The American Academy of Clinical Psychology was founded in 1993. It is the membership organization of Board Certified specialists in Clinical Psychology. It endeavors to provide member services, to promote high standards for services by clinical psychologists, to promote the value and recognition of Board Certification in Clinical Psychology, and to encourage those qualified by training and experience to become candidates for Board Certification.

American Academy of Clinical Psychology
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The American Academy of Clinical Psychology is an independent membership association supporting board certification in the area of clinical psychology. The Academy is not affiliated with any other organization including the American Board of Professional Psychology.

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