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American Academy of Clinical Psychology


Diversity Ideals and Policy

The American Academy of Clinical Psychology supports all efforts to promote the ideals of fairness, justice, and equality in all aspects of life in our nation. Accordingly, the Academy advocates for Board Certification policies and practices that encourage and support all interested persons to become Clinical Psychologists and to become Board Certified, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, or physically challenged status. The values of the Academy include (1) that these factors shall not diminish the sense that any individual may have that he or she is appropriate for the profession and that he or she is appropriate for Board Certification, and (2) that these factors shall not interfere with the fair and just administration of application and examination procedures for Board Certification in Clinical Psychology.

The Academy is committed to putting forth public information consistent with this stance, to advocating for application and examination procedures to be consistent with this stance, and to welcoming all persons as Fellows of the Academy independent of such factors.

An essential part of the advanced competencies of Board Certified Clinical Psychologists is awareness of and sensitivity to the diverse influences on personality and behavior of the above factors. Board Certified Clinical Psychologists take these factors into account in an aware, skillful, sensitive, and judicious way when arriving at assessment and treatment planning decisions and when carrying out all services (and they consult with more knowledgeable colleagues when necessary to ensure that such factors are appropriately considered).

Holding these values of fairness, equality, and justice in no way implies specific stands by the Academy on affirmative action, a multicultural society, or the nation's immigration policy.

The Academy welcomes comments and suggestions from the public, from applicants for Board Certification, and from Fellows of the Academy that relate to these values and commitments.

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The American Academy of Clinical Psychology is an independent membership association that encourages and promotes the development of excellence in the practice of Professional Psychology. The Academy is not affiliated with any other organization including the American Board of Professional Psychology.

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