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Officers & Board 0F DIRCTORS


Gerardo Rodriguez-Menendez, Ph.D., ABPP, MSCP
R-A Pinnacle Group
Independent Practice, Miami, FL
Professor and Department Chair
MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Online Campus 

Gerardo Rodriquez-Menendez, PhD, is Chair and Professor of the Clinical Psychopharmacology Program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He is also the President of the R-A Pinnacle Group, a private corporation dedicated to providing leadership development, executive coaching and business consulting. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in Neuropsychology, and an MS in General Psychology from Albizu University. Additionally he completed a postdoctoral MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology from Nova Southeastern University.

Rodriguez-Menendez’ career spans a broad spectrum of responsibilities in education, administration, research, and consulting. From 2014 - 2017 he was the Dean of the College of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. In 2010 – 2012, he served as the Interim Dean of the School of Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. From 2001 – 2007 he served as the Chancellor of Albizu University, Miami Campus. He also maintains a private consulting practice assisting institutions of higher education and business organizations in areas of strategic planning, leadership coaching, accreditation and licensing, academic governance and ethics, program development, and faculty development.

Rodriguez-Menendez is a practicing psychologist and a frequent presenter at conferences across the country. Among his areas of expertise are promoting minority enrollment in clinical psychology programs and developing multicultural training models. Rodriquez-Menendez is bilingual and has published on psychology topics in both English and Spanish.




Larry Beutler,  Ph.D., ABPP, FAPA
Prof. Emeritus, UC Santa Barbara   
Distinguished Professor Emeritus,    
Palo Alto University

El Dorado Hills, CA 

Larry E. Beutler, Ph.D. is Wm McInnes, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the PhD Programs at Palo Alto University’s Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. He previously served on the faculties of Duke University Medical School, Stephen F. Austin State University, Baylor College of Medicine (Director of Training), the University of Arizona (Chief of Psychology), and the University of California-Santa Barbara (Director of Training and Program Head). He is the former Director of Training and Professor Emeritus of the Counseling/Clinical/School Psychology Program at the University of California in Santa Barbara. Until his retirement, he was a Consulting Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine. He was a candidate for APA President in 2003. Dr. Beutler is the past Editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychology and the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. He is the Past-President of the Society for Clinical Psychology (Division 12 of APA), a Past President of the Division of Psychotherapy (APA), and a two-term Past-President of the (International) Society for Psychotherapy Research.

Larry is the author of approximately 450 scientific papers and chapters, and is the author, editor or co-author of twenty-six books on psychotherapy, psychopathology, depression, and drug abuse. Among his recent works, Dr. Beutler is the Co-Editor (with L. G. Castonguay) of a book, entitled Principles of Therapeutic Change that Work, Vol. I (Oxford University Press), a Co-Editor with L. G. Castonguay and M. Constantino on a pending second volume of that work, and a Co-Editor (With B. Bongar and A. Consoli) of a second edition of the Beutler and Bongar book, Comprehensive Handbook of Psychotherapy (Oxford University Press). His work encompasses psychotherapy, psychological assessment, depression, chemical abuse, sleep disorders, health psychology, trauma, terrorism, and other related topics. He has received many awards and honorsfrom national and international organizations for this work, including a Presidential citation from the American Psychological Association and from the Division of Clinical Psychology.


Mary Ann Norfleet, Ph.D., ABPP, FAPA, FAPS     
Independent Practice, Palo Alto, CA
Adjunct Clinical Professor         Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University School of Medicine   Stanford, CA

Dr. Norfleet is a licensed psychologist in California, where she is both a member of the adjunct clinical faculty in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine and in part-time independent practice providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples across the life span.

Her work at Stanford involves training and supervision, as well as administrative duties.  She has worked in a variety of clinical settings including community mental health, school psychology, forensic psychology, couple and family and individual psychotherapy, and medical psychology. 

A Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science, Dr. Norfleet has served on various national committees for continuing professional education, colleague assistance and accreditation of doctoral and postdoctoral training programs. 

Dr. Norfleet’s work in the community includes service as President of the Board of Directors of the Mental Research Institute, a non-profit foundation that provides small grants to fund breakthrough research projects that use an interactional approach to facilitate healthy relationships.


  Joanne Babich, Ph.D, ABPP, FAPS

  Independent Practice 
  Founder, Alpha Mental Health
  Phoenix, AZ 

Dr. Joanne has been in Private Practice for nearly four decades. Dr. Babich holds a license to practice Psychology. She was awarded additional distinctions as a result of her life long pursuit of learning and achieving higher standards. Dr. Joanne has been Nationally Board Certificated in her specialty of Clinical Psychology (American Board of Professional Psychology) since the early 1990's. Dr. Babich was granted the titles of Fellow by the American Academy of Clinical Psychology (AACP), and by the Association for Psychological Science (APS). She is the Founder of Alpha Mental Health Consultants. Her company provides Psychological Services, including Psychotherapy, Consultation, Forensic Evaluations and Court Testimony.

Formal education led to her becoming a summa cum laude graduate with a Bachelor of Science. She was granted a M.Ed. and a Doctoral Degree from a Clinical Psychology Program. Dr. Joanne’s advanced training included a funded clinical internship within a metropolitan medical center. Clinical rotations included offering psychological services to medical patients in a barrio primary care clinic, as well as providing inpatient assessment services to dangerous patients in a 72 hour emergency psychiatric hospital clinic. She has held many leadership positions in her field.

She was mentored in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) by the renowned Albert Ellis. It can be viewed as an early approach or precursor to cognitive therapy. She was also mentored by Kay Thompson, a dentist and scholarly psychologist, in building skills for use in the application of clinical hypnosis.

Learning new things and improving ways to help clients overcome their psychological issues is important. Dr. Joanne has been Certified in the application of Clinical Hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). She has been Certified in the treatment of trauma through EMDR by the International Association, EMDRIA. Dr. Babich is known for her emphasis on developing a client’s psychological resources through the application of tools, which include ones by way of Clinical Hypnosis and Trauma Treatment.

Dr. Babich believes we all have innate capacities to self-actualize our hidden or blocked potentials. Her role as a clinical psychologist is to help clients realize these potentials, by finding ways to lift off psychological barriers that get in the way. Psychotherapy, in her view, can be intermittent throughout the life process. It is needed time and again when clients face overwhelming crisis experiences. The need for help is even greater now during the Covid pandemic, which continues to alter people’s lives in unexpected ways. Dr. Joanne provides Telepsychology during this Covid pandemic.

On a personal note, Dr. Joanne is a widow and a grateful mother. She, like many clients, has had loved ones pass. She loves exploring the outdoors, all things water, and driving fast, on both land and water. She adventures within and far beyond the beautiful climate zones of America.  Dr. Joanne has found that, by visiting diverse places, people everywhere teach us a lot about what we need to consciously consider within ourselves so as to make for a better world. Dr. Joanne contributes by helping one person at a time.


Dr. Jocelyn Markowicz

Dr. Jocelyn Markowicz is a licensed psychologist in California, Michigan, and New Mexico. She owns and operates a private practice providing psychological testing and therapy services to individuals across the life span.

She is also currently pursuing a post-doctoral master’s in clinical psychopharmacology. Her career path has been broad and includes forensic psychology, working with diverse populations within community and academic settings, and helping to reduce the stigma of mental illness. She is also the creator of the Bee Psychologist children’s book series.


           Dr. Gus Segura, ABPP

Dr. Segura was born and raised in the West Coast of Puerto Rico. He earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Albizu University, San Juan campus, and a masters in industrial/organizational psychology from California State University, San Bernardino. During his training years he worked with Dr. Gregory Quirk in the University of Puerto Rico, Fear Learning Laboratory, developing translational research protocols to advance animal fear learning research findings into clinical applications to humans.

Dr. Segura started his behavioral health career in 2011 as an active duty military psychologist for the U.S. Army Medical Command at Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC). Right after serving in MAMC, he had the privilege to deliver behavioral healthcare to the brave soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division in Camp Casey, South Korea. In 2015, he concluded his time in military service as the first Behavioral Health Officer in Charge for the U.S. Army 89th Military Police Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas.

After finishing his military service, he transitioned into civilian life, and was appointed Internal Behavioral Health Consultant in the primary care service line, for the U.S. Army 121 Combat Support Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. Afterwards, he spent two years managing multi-disciplinary residential treatment programs in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), including the first Center for Sexual Trauma Services in the VHA. Currently, he serves as Deputy Director for Behavioral Health at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Dr. Segura is board certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. His professional interests include leadership in behavioral healthcare; and evidence-based treatments for trauma recovery, depression, and anxiety.

Division of Graduate Students


Rita M. Rivera, MS, CTP

Rita M. Rivera, MS, CTP, is a clinical psychology resident at Duke University and is pursuing a Psy.D. with a concentration in neuropsychology at Albizu University. She is a Certified Trauma Professional by the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP) and a Certified Crisis Worker by the American Association of Suicidology (AAS).

Rita is the Chair of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology-Division of Graduate Students (AACP-DGS), Student Representative for the APA’s Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy (Div. 49) and Past Chair of the Florida Psychological Association of Graduate Students (FPAGS). Rita is also Co-chair of several working groups of the APA’s Interdivisional COVID-19 Taskforce, including the Higher Education working group, and a member of the student committees of the Hispanic Neuropsychological Society and the National Latinx Psychological Association. She is a writer for APA’s Society of Counseling Psychology (Div. 17)-SCP Connect Team and her Psychology Today blog, “Physio & Psych.”

Her areas of interest include fields that explore the relationship between physiology and mental health, particularly among minority and underserved populations. Rita has clinical experience working with Hispanic/Latinx, trauma, and high-risk populations both in the United States and in her home country, Honduras.


David Benitez, M.S

David Benitez, M.S. is a third-year Psy.D. student pursuing a clinical psychology doctorate   with a concentration in neuropsychology at Albizu University-Miami Campus. At AU, he serves as President of the Neuropsychology Society, President of the Division of Clinical Psychopharmacology, and Institutional Academic Board Student Representative.

He is the newly elected Student Representative for the APA’s Society of Prescribing Psychology (Div. 55), Vice-Chair of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology-Division of Graduate Students (AACP-DGS), and Past Chair of the Florida Psychological Association of Graduate Students (FPAGS). He also serves as a Student Representative for Albizu University’s Association of Neuropsychology Students and Trainees (ANST), sponsored by the APA’s Society of Clinical Neuropsychology (Div. 40), and is Co-chair of the Higher Education working group of the APA’s Interdivisional COVID-19 Taskforce.

David has clinical experience working in outpatient and in-patient settings with a wide arrange of populations, including pediatrics, adults, and geriatrics. Among clinical presentations, he has worked predominantly with patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), dementia, and other neurocognitive disorders.

We have a vacancy on the Board of Directors. If you would like to nominate someone (with their permission, of course) or self-nominate for this vacancy, please contact me as soon as possible (grodriguez-menendez@thechicagoschool.edu).

The Director would attend one or two annual meetings (expenses paid), actively serve on a committee(s), and have the same desire as our existing Board of Directors to establish an outstanding Academy for professionals in the interest of the furtherance of clinical psychology. Please provide a brief summary of how you envision being of assistance to the Board.

Should you have any questions or would like to speak with me personally, please contact at grodriguez-menendez@thechicagoschool.edu.

Executive Director

  Robin Parsons


Committee Chair and Committee Members   Committee Chair and Committee Members


Fred L. Alberts, Jr., Ph.D., ABPP

  APA Continuing Education
Sponsor Program (Coordinator)

David Kazar, PhD, ABPP

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Joanne Babich, PhD, ABPP 
Larry Beutler, PhD, ABPP

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